What is it?

It is an invisible weapon against burglary – a liquid solution that can be used to protect your valuables within your home from the criminal.

SmartWater had reduced burglary by up to 84% in some areas and acts as a “forensic fingerprint” which links owners with their property and criminals to the crime scene. It gives you a piece of mind that all your marked property is protected.

Each bottle of SmartWater contains a different mix of chemical ingredients. Once dry it is virtually impossible to remove from your valuables and it will glow under ultra-violet light. Your items such as:

Audio/Visual equipment, Cameras, Jewellery, Bikes, Garden Tools, Power Tools, Golf Clubs, Fishing Tackle, in fact anything that is valuable to you is simply marked in very small areas with the solution. The solution will mark 40 – 60 items and it provides a licence for life for the householder with no further costs.

Each bottle of SmartWater is registered to its owner and their details are kept on a National Security Register. Just like DNA, all it takes is a tiny speck of SmartWater to provide positive identification of property.

SmartWater can conclusively prove ownership of an item and maintains 100% conviction rate when used as evidence in court.
By using this highly effective security product you are sending out an important message to all would be thieves and burglars operating in your areas.

SmartWater is available from Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Association. Please contact your Area Representative for more information.