Fraud & Scam Help

We hear much about scams and fraud in today’s world and when we are suddenly confronted by it we often don’t know, or are unsure of what to do.  Well here are a few useful contact points (urls) where you may find the help you need.  Just select the topic and click on the link.:-

Beware a new BT scam

As a number of people use BT as their telephone and broadband provider, please be aware of a new scam which carries the BT logo.  If you receive an email with an attachment headed ‘Service Cancellation Notice’ apparently from BT – IGNORE IT.  This is a scam.  DO NOT click on the ‘Confirm your account’ as this will give the scammers all your personal details.

Thames Valley Police – Reporting Fraud and internet crime:

Financial Services Agency UK:

Citizens Advice Bureau Scams:

UK Tax scams:

Avoid Lottery Scams:

Postal Scams: If you receive a card through the post from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) saying they are unable to deliver a parcel and to ring this number 0906 661 1911. Do Not Call but ring Royal Mail Fraud line on 020 7239 6655.

More scam sites:-

Hoax Slayer:       Used for checking scams      Used for checking scams