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Personal Alarms from TVNHWA

Personal Alarms For Sale

Small and very loud – have you got one yet?

The Defender 111 T is the loudest personal alarm in the UK and has 140+dBs siren.  This alarm has an independent torch, key ring, bag attachment and mounting bracket, and up to 4 hours continual battery with strobe light flashes warranty. Batteries supplied and pre-fitted.  This alarm can also be fitted to garages, sheds and greenhouses. Colour Black 
Cost to you £3.50 
The Defender Cooper Torch incorporates a 130+dBSpowerful siren and is manufactured to ISO9001 with a powerful torch beam. Key ring or ripcord activation and a 1 year warranty. Batteries supplied and pre-fitted. Colour Black
Cost to you £3.25
The Defender Cooper Torch incorporates a 130+dBs powerful siren and does all the same functions as above. Batteries supplied and pre-fitted. Popular for all ages. Colour Pink
Cost to you £3.25
AM0749 Bag CableCable Yellow

Purse/Bag Cable can be connected to a  person or bag using a looped end and G-Clip. If a thief tries to remove the purse the victim will come to no harm because the cable gradually releases its tension and extends to 10 times its original length. Very useful in shopping malls or public transport especially for the elderly or vulnerable person(s).

Cost to you £1.00

Purse Dipping Bells

Purse Dipping Bells with a handy G Clip which can be attached to any purse or wallet. The sound of tinkling bells will alert the owner of potential theft. Very useful whilst out shopping.

Cost to you £0.50
Padlock  Alarm

Padlock Alarms which can be used as a normal padlock or alarmed allowing special items such as tools and garden equipment, e.g. expensive hedge trimmers/ mowers etc, which can be protected by a alarm.  If tampered with it sounds a series of short bleeps, but if further tampered with it will send out a two tone siren,  frieghtening away the would be thieves.  This padlock has a powerful 110dBs siren, keyed operation, weather resistant, hardened shackle and shock and movement sensor.  Battery operated.

Cost to you £14.00

For details on how to obtain your alarm(s) please contact Val McPherson (chair) on email: valthewillows@aol.com or ring 07815144691 P&P extra.
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